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November 25, 2018

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Muzzz Muzz Muzic VIDEO !!! ;)

December 15, 2014

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Heiða Björg & the Kaos - Klezmer Kaos

December 14, 2014

Hello everyone!!


Thank you for following us! We are so glad to share our new website and our future music projects!! ;)

As you all know we started as a sheer klezmer band - Klezmer Kaos - in 2006 and loved casting little concerts in packed Parisian cellars!! During this time we composed a lot and enjoyed mixing our own creations with klezmer songs....



As we were preparing our 2nd album we felt the need to add more actual sounds to our music... But breathing more and more modernity into it we came up with a set of 90 % self-composed songs!

So we decided to put the 'pure klezmer' part into the hands of Klezmer Kaos (klezmer songs+weddings+klezmer festivals and so on) and to provide the groupe with a new name for the 'more actual' music part keeping the same members ;)

So to keep a direct link with Klezmer Kaos, founded by Heiða Björg, and as she widely composed for the new band, it was called the most logical way:




We love klezmer music.... we just want our hearts to beat even more freely to let feelings and inspiration guide our steps towards whatever music style ;) be it klezmer or not!!! ;D

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